K Green Japan
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Climate Policy triggers a deep transformation of Polish energy sector. Due to the limitations of European Emission Allowance (EUA), including in particular CO2, hard or brown coal-fired power plants have to be progressively shut down, enabling a dynamic development of renewable energy sources.

As energy storage on an industrial scale is not available yet, production of electricity from renewable sources needs to backed-up by dispatchable generation to secure uninterrupted supply.

Recently launched K Green Japan gas power plant project is based on the most advanced, efficient and ecological gas engines of the Japanese Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

The planned investment not only meets the restrictive limits of CO2 emissions, but also will be characterized by the unique and very desirable attributes like flexibility and availability. The modular design provides ability to dispatch capacity in range between 3 and 164 MW within extraordinary short time (5 minutes). The power plant will be additionally equipped with an emergency power generator enabling commissioning of the power plant in case of blackout, and allowing the reconstruction of the energy system.

The technological solutions applied have been selected and designed to minimize impact on natural environment. Most of the plant’s own energy consumption will be supplied by roof-mounted PV panels. In addition, unlike other thermal power plants currently operating in the Polish energy system, the K Green Japan power plant will take advantage of a closed cooling system. In the light of increasing problems with water availability in Poland, this is important advantage.

Furthermore, the heat generated during the production of electricity will be stored and utilized for own purposes of the power plant, but also to supply heating and hot water to the city and companies operating in the industrial zone of Turek.

Last, but not least important aspect of the project is the exceptional location of the investment. Direct vicinity of decommissioned brown coal fired Adamów power plant not only places the investment in the very center of the Polish energy system, but also enables utilization of existing transmission infrastructure, consequently improving the economy of the entire project.

We strongly believe that the project developed in Turek will contribute to the economic growth of the region and will initiate similar projects realized in other Polish cities as well as will become an essential component of the Polish energy sector transformation.

Key investment parameters:

Subject of the investment:New gas power plant
Power:164 MWe
Location:Turek, wielkopolskie district
Investment type:Greenfield
Expected date of commissioning of the power plant:March 31, 2023
If you have any questions, please contact us at: kgj.project@pbe-molecule.com