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Piela Business Engineering is a proud legacy of technical education, with more than 20 years of experiences in a global consulting organization, and the number of successfully delivered projects in Poland and worldwide.

Business Engineering is the response to the dynamically progressing transformation of the industrial society towards the information society. It is a combination of business competences, finance, industrial engineering and information technology, in order to comprehensively address the increasingly complex problems of modern companies and institutions. Same as molecular medicine is a personalized therapy, precisely targeted to a specific disease, our solutions are designed for a specific organization and addressing precise issues.

“The starting point of every project, is an optimal composition of our team members, whose complementary competencies guarantee a reference to the key issues for the client. Dynamically growing ecosystem of experts and business partners, originated from the consulting companies, the industry and IT firms allow us to tailor and combine the best Fit for Purpose.”
– says Piotr Piela, CEO & Founder.

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