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We have a deep understanding of both technical infrastructure and regulatory regime specific for utilities, waste management, oil and chemical sectors. Our services also concentrate around Smart City solutions, the area of interest for the automotive, public, energy and technological sectors.



Electricity After decades of stability, the energy sector is undergoing a profound transformation. The climate policy, energy package, regulatory policies and the fast-paced technological changes lie at the root of new solutions and business models.
The model of centralised system that dominated in the past decades is now more boldly entering the era of integrated distributed energy resources, microgrids and energy storages, both stationary and mobile.

  • Mining
  • Transmission
  • Generation, including:
    – Conventional energy
    – Renewable energy
    – Nuclear energy
    – Industry and municipal combined heat and power
    – Distributed generation and microgrids
  • Trading and supply
  • Innovative technologies, products and services

Smart City

The dynamic development of cities and the growing engagement of citizens means that the current approach to the issues of comfort, energy efficiency and safety needs to be redefined, and that new concepts of public transport, mobility and sustainable use of resources need to be formulated.

  • Maturity assessment and project management
  • Governance, including: public consultations/participation platforms, integrated public services, digital services
  • Mobility
    Energy, including: energy efficiency, smart building and home, distributed generation (with RES)
  • Construction

Governmental programmes:

  • Clean air
  • e-Mobility Development Program

Water supply

Water is one of the most valuable, yet the least appreciated natural resources. Rational and effective use of water, including reduction of losses, sewage treatment, recycling of minerals, as well as waste-to-energy transformation have become our era’s main areas of focus.

  • Supply
  • Collection and treatment

Waste management

Waste management is more than just keeping the cities clean. Efficient waste management is becoming more challenging, but at the same time it opens up unlimited opportunities. Waste sorting, recycling as well as waste-to-energy transformation are fundamental to circular economy.

  • Collection and utilisation
  • Recycling
  • Waste-to-energy


Climate protection and the emission reduction programs pose a great challenge to petrochemical industry. More and more oil companies are looking for their new identity and new development directions, considering the areas of electromobility or advanced plastics.

  • Production processes, products and retail
  • Technologies, services, products of the future


The circular economy forces the chemical industry to transform profoundly and to open more to customers’ needs. Increasingly more often it is not the final product but the provision of solutions to particular problems (e.g. carbon footprint reduction in manufacturing or use of biodegradable materials) that decides on the company’s financial results and reputation.

  • Supply chains
  • Production processes
  • Technologies, services, products of the future